The most devoted heavy equipment rental company offers Excavators, Amphibious excavators etc.


Bardai Group offers all types of Excavators, normal and Amphibious excavators with additional advantages of more power and better reach.
The Excavators are the most significant workhorse in the construction industry. The high-performance Excavators and the associated attachments bring flexibility, versatility and productivity to the job site is never a question.
Our Dredging Excavators with remarkable digging power, this heavy construction equipment is important for any large site. We have Excavators with surprising ease of use, capable of functioning in various applications with the several multifunction attachments like excavator with breaker and excavator arm offered for breakers, digging, grading, backfilling, loading and dumping.
Whether you are a contractor or a site owner, Bardai group has a wide range of machine attachments like Excavator with breaker, Excavator arm, etc. These are capable of accomplishing all kinds of the job quickly and efficiently.

Tata Hitachi Ex 1200

Weight 120 T
Power 731 PS
Bucket Upto 1.80 m3
Long Reach Upto 27 m
Dig Depth Upto 20 m

Tata Hitachi EX 700

Weight 70 T
Power 420 PS
Bucket Upto 0.90 m3
Long Reach Upto 22.25 m
Dig Depth Upto 18 m

Tata Hitachi Zaxis 650

Weight 65 T
Power 395 PS
Bucket Upto 1.40 m3
Long Reach Upto 24 m
Dig Depth Upto 19 m

Tata Hitachi EX 600

Weight 60 T
Power 370 PS
Bucket Upto 0.90 m3
Long Reach Upto 19.50 m
Dig Depth Upto 16.50 m

Tata Hitachi Zaxis 450 H

Weight 45 T
Power 320 PS
Bucket Upto 0.80 m3
Long Reach Upto 21 m
Dig Depth Upto 16 m

Tata Hitachi EX 400

Weight 40 T
Power 280 PS
Bucket Upto .90 m3
Long Reach Upto 13.50 m
Dig Depth Upto 10 m
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