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Sheet Piling

Bardai Group is a heavy equipment rental provider deal with, Fast, vibration proof, versatile, qualified gear and eccentric to gear fasteners portable excavator mounted Vibro sheet piling attachment.
This innovative equipment uses the hydraulic excavators to quick pick up, drive, place, unload and extract the piling.

Our Sheet Piling attachments are widely used in applications:

Execute PileWorks in any surface Soft ground, hard ground, sand ground and under water (Lake, River, Sea).
Pile Works using Sheet Piling employing Vibro Ripper, Hammer, Interlocking arrangements, Power Pack, Hydraulic Motors and other methodologies.
Pile Works for Building Construction and Industries.
Pile Works for Research Centers, Government projects, Institution etc.
Under Water, Running Water Pile Works for Construction of Bridges, Ports, Marine Construction, etc.
Capable of implementing distinct process based on the requirement of Piling Works
Used as construction equipment rental services and all types of Piling Works for Major Industries.

Vibro Sheet Piling

Name Vibro Sheet Piling
Use ...
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Vibro Needle

Name Vibro Needle
Use .
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