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Air Compressors

As one of the renowned Air compressor rental company, we have a complete range of Air compressors from 450 to 1100 cfm at 150 to 300 psi. Our Air compressor rental services have nearly all the options available in the industry so our client can customize their equipment according to the requirements.
The air compressor on rent from the Bardai Group provides the industry's most reputable air compressors while combining excellent engineering with our most cost-effective services making air compressors the valuable addition to rental fleets. Our almost every air compressor delivers the ultimate in productivity, serviceability, convenience, durability, and stability- all within budget.

The air compressors on rent assure the efficient and reliable performance.
Safety is the biggest concern for the Bardai Group. We provide air compressors on rent those have greatly reduced electrical shock potentials. This is one of the biggest advantages for safety purpose.
The Air Compressor rental fleets save our clients time and money.
The Air Compressor distribution system is simpler and less costly to mount than electrical grids and less demanding than hydraulic system lines. The system of air compressors can be tailor made for the multiple points of use.
Effective on-site power systems that generate electric power and thermal energy for heat, air or steam conditioning while reducing greenhouse gases.

Cummins 6 BTA 5.9

Engine Cummins 6 BTA 5.9
CFM 450
PSI 150

Cat 3406C

Engine Cat 3406C
CFM 1100
PSI 300

Cat 3406B

Engine Cat 3406B
CFM 1000
PSI 275

Cummins 6CTA 8.3

Engine Cummins 6CTA 8.3
CFM 650
PSI 200

Cummins NT-743C / Electrical Option

Engine Cummins NT-743C / Electrical Option
CFM 600
PSI 200

Cummins NT-495-C

Engine Cummins NT-495-C
CFM 450
PSI 150
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