The most devoted heavy equipment rental company offers Excavators, Amphibious excavators etc.

Amphibious Excavators

The Bardai Group has a broadening fleet of leading edge Amphibious Excavators, Excavator Arm and Excavator with breaker for rent.

The fleet of our Amphibious Excavator ranges from 20 Ton to 35 Ton Class. We have extensive range of Amphibious Long Reach Excavator that can reach up to 16 meters away from the center of the excavator and dig up to 11 meters below the bottom of the excavator.

They can work in slushy areas as they will not sink but start floating once the water level rises beyond a certain point. They are most useful in the cleaning of canals, streams, and other waterbodies.

It is used for a wide range of applications:

Cleaning and maintenance of lakes, waterways, shorelines and ponds.
Erosion control and prevention.
Maintenance and Refurbishment of the natural environment.
Flood maintenance and protection tasks.
Building and Landscape protection.
Long Reach Excavators for deepening of waterways and river deltas.
Accessing difficult strands of water/soft terrain.
Construction of swamp and wetland.
Bardai Group of Companies offers exclusive rental services with equipment shipped to any locations on a fast track basis. Our clients have the confidence of dealing with the equipment that provides maximum uptime and lowest operating cost. We are built with trustworthy designed pontoons.

Amphibious Excavators

Name Tata Hitachi AM 210
Weight 36 T
Power 125 PS
Digging Depth Upto 10 m
Reach Upto 14 m
Ground Pressure 0.15 kg/cm2

Amphibious Excavators

Name Tata Hitachi AT 350
Weight 55 T
Power 230 PS
Digging Depth Upto 11 m
Reach Upto 16 m
Ground Pressure 0.17 kg/cm2
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