The most devoted heavy equipment rental company offers Excavators, Amphibious excavators etc.


Bardai Group is one of the most prominent Construction Equipment Rental Company offers high-performance Bulldozer for Rent. Our Dozers/ Graders deliver maximum flexibility, enabling clients to execute a wide range of Earthmoving tasks.
All Bulldozers for rent models offers large load capacities and Powershift transmissions for smooth operation.
Our fleet ranges from 19 to 50 Ton class. They are also equipped with Single/Multi Shank Rippers, and can also be supplied with Low Ground Pressure (LGP) Tracks for working in the soft and slushy soil where a normal bulldozer would sink.
Dozers/ Graders often cater the backbone of any huge demolition or construction project. We are Heavy Equipment Rental Company offers all types of Bulldozer for Rent that are heavy, tracked vehicles equipped with a huge metal plate or a blade in front, proficient of pushing material, such as sand, snow dirt or remains, or even dismantle walls or other obstacles on demolition projects.

Komatsu D355

Weight 50 T*
Power 4120 PS
Blade 6.6 × 6.2 Ft
Drawbar pull 102 T

Komatsu D155

Weight 40 T*
Power 305 PS
Blade 13.6 × 5.2 Ft
Drawbar pull 65 T

Komatsu D80-A12

Weight 25 T*
Power 195 PS
Blade 14.3 × 3.6 Ft
Drawbar pull 19.6 T


Weight 20 T*
Power 179 PS
Blade 13 × 3 Ft
Drawbar pull 27 T


Weight 16 T*
Power 179 PS
Blade 13 × 3 Ft
Drawbar pull 27 T

Motor Grader BG 605

Weight 12.7 T*
Power --
Blade 3.8 M
Drawbar pull --
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