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Long Reach Excavators

We provide Long Reach Excavators to complete our client requirements when they are looking for the further reach for wide-ranging Industrial requirements with the help of additional Excavator arm attachments. The long reach fleet can reach up to 30 meters horizontally and 20 meters vertically.
Excavators can be used at sites where the excavation required from a distance and the machine cannot come close to the site to be excavated due to obstacles such as water bodies etc. in between. Long Reach Excavators are also useful in excavating at larger depths by standing outside the excavated area such as basements, underground metro stations being constructed. They are also used in breakwater rock placement, dredging by working from spud barges, etc. For working in slushy areas, they can be provided with Low Ground Pressure (LGP) Tracks.

Tata Hitachi Ex-350 Excavators

Land Reach 18.50 mtr, 20.50 mtr, 16.00 mt
Dipping Depth 14.60 mtr, 16.50 mtr, 11.00 mtr
Bucket Size 0.70 m3, 0.70 m3, 0.70 m3

Tata Hitachi Ex-300 Excavators

Land Reach 12.90 mtr
Dipping Depth 9.50 mtr
Bucket Size 0.90 m3

Tata Hitachi Ex-200 Excavators

Land Reach 14.00 mtr
Dipping Depth 11.00 mtr
Bucket Size 0.60 m3

L&T Komatsu PC-200 Excavators

Land Reach 17.25 mtr
Dipping Depth 13.00 mtr
Bucket Size 0.60 m3

Tata Hitachi EX-110 Excavator

Land Reach 11.10 meter
Dipping Depth 7.90 meter
Bucket Size 0.40 m3

Tata Hitachi ZX-210 Excavator

Land Reach 16.5 meter
Dipping Depth 12.4 meter
Bucket Size 0.50 m3
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